Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rumipamba Archaeological Park

The park lies hidden in the middle of the city, next to the Pichincha Volcano. It is located in Occidental Ave. (Mariscal Sucre Ave.) and Mariana de Jesus Ave., it is open from Wednesday to Sunday and admission is free.

The antique hacienda house, that belonged to Maria Agusta Urrutia, was abandoned in 1960 and became a wharehouse, garage and even shelter for thieves. Nowadyas FONSAL restored the house and soon it will be a museum that holds archaeological vestiges from many other places in the province.

The archaeological research have found old walls from an ancient village, stairs, ceremonial terraces, house floor (bohios), graves,
stone tools, ceramic objects, and some other things.

There are paths that take you to the ruins and to the Culunco, which is and old path used by the Yumbos culture.

From the park there is a panoramic view of Carolina park, which, until the XII century, was a big lagoon.

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